Battle Rope Workout Routines

woman is working out with battle ropes

Battle ropes are an excellent training tool to increase body strength and conditioning. The gear was created by John Brookfield, an endurance athlete. Battle ropes are thick and heavy ropes that are usually 30 to 50 feet long.

Such equipment was primarily used by UFC fighters. Today, battle rope exercises are common for millions of sportsmen around the globe. No matter what your fitness level is, there are rope workouts suitable for everyone. HIIT, Tabata training, TRX, cardio training, and more – the ropes could be added to any fitness routine.

Battle Rope Workout Benefits

Battle ropes are ideal to gain muscles as well as lose weight. The gear is a great full-body exercise that hits a range of muscle groups. There are even more benefits of using battle ropes, let’s check them out.

1. Burn Fat

Battle rope exercises may help you knock off a decent amount of your body weight. Intensive workouts help to burn off more calories. According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, such gear activates muscle work. Thus, increases your overall fat burning.

That’s why battle ropes are an integral part of HIIT workout programs. Such training targets your body’s fat reserves. Even after the workout, your metabolism is escalated that affects your fat-burning potential.

2. Gain Muscle

For those who crave getting bigger, battle rope training is advantageous too.

Such products are used in resistance training as it works like weight lifting. You feel the tension while exercising as resistance increases. The more resistance is, the more difficult the training will be. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) claims battle rope exercises promote muscle activation. The article states proper muscle contraction is essential to gain strength.

Various resistance levels help to gain muscles gradually. The same goes for free weights, you add some weight from time to time to level up your workout routine. In the case of battle ropes, you’ll need heavier ropes to challenge next-level workout. Exercise ropes come in different sizes and lengths, so you could make changes to your training plan over time.

woman is holding black battle ropes

3. Fast Workout

Have little time to exercise? No probs, battle ropes will help you get the most of it. There are workout plans that grab not as much time as cardio training on a treadmill, for instance. But they are highly efficient though!

Battle ropes are used in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It offers high-intensity exercising with a few short breaks in between. The intensity levels here are more challenging but they require less time to be done. It may only take 10 minutes for the entire workout. As each exercise lasts around 30 seconds.

This form of training keeps your heart rate elevated and targets the body’s fat. Consider a reputable trainer that will plan your workouts while tracking your health state.

4. Full-Body Workout

Another crucial benefit to consider is that battle ropes can hit almost every muscle in your body. With no extra equipment, just manual control. With a proper working routine, you’re able to squeeze the most advantage from this tool.

Depending on how you move and grip the rope, it targets various muscle groups. Such exercises evoke a huge amount of power output that activates muscles.

It seems you just slam the ropes but your entire body is totally engaged at this time. Not only the upper body but your core, hips, legs, and more are involved too. Such exercises as lunges and squats bring battle rope experience into the next level.

5. Improve Stamina

Battle rope exercises are highly beneficial for endurance and cardiovascular health. As the gear is used in resistance training, it helps to raise your heart level while working out. This affects your oxygen uptake and lung capacity that leads to improving endurance.

While training with battle ropes, your lungs and heart have to work harder. Your body needs a constant oxygen supply so your muscles work duly. With high-intensity exercises, you train your body to get stronger and durable.

woman is swinging battle ropes

6. Low-Impact Gear

Battle ropes are great for people of all genders, ages, and levels. Even rookie users will find suitable exercises.

There’s less risk of getting injured while working with the ropes. As the equipment is considered low-impact. This means people with weak knees, ankles, and back can try battle rope exercises too.

Exercise ropes are a great alternative to heavyweights. You don’t need to lift dumbbells or barbells to get proper intensity. The ropes provide a range of resistance levels to pump your muscles. Minimum risk and maximum efficiency, what a win-win!

7. Improve Balance and Coordination

Apart from burning calories, battle ropes help to balance. That’s a significant part of professional athletes’ routine. As well as an everyday life need.

Balance rope exercises make your hands move independently, which fosters coordination. Adding advanced workouts like lunges and squats will boost your balance and timing.

8. Inexpensive Option

Battle ropes are cheaper than a bunch of home gym equipment. That makes the products accessible to all walks of life. The ropes may substitute a range of bulky machines as they are great for the full-body workout.

Besides, exercise ropes require less space than heavy equipment. They are easily portable to take them to the home gym or office. The gear is a real space-saver for those who are short of room.

orange battle ropes are dropped on floor

What Size Battle Rope Should I Get?

That’s the first question you’re likely to ask when considering exercise rope training. The ropes come in a wide range of sizes. The size includes the battle rope thickness and its length. Both of the features affect your workouts. Thus, it’s important to know which battle rope sizes are best for you.

Mind that the rope length affects the fluidity of your moves and waves. This aspect makes an impact on your workout intensity.

Battle rope thickness is crucial for proper gripping. Athletes with small hands may find bulky ropes too uncomfortable. And thin ropes are not comfy for big-handed owners. Here’s a checklist to get the hang of battle rope sizes.

Battle Rope Thickness

  • 1.5″ – 2″ thickness – for cardio workouts.
  • 1.5″ and less thickness – for aerobic workouts.
  • 2″ and above thickness – for upper-level workouts.

Battle Rope Length

  • 50 feet long – great for beginners.
  • 40 feet long – next-level gear.
  • 30 feet long – suitable for advanced users.

The longer the exercise rope is, the more fluid it provides. Shorter ropes are good for professionals as they are highly resistant to move.

Beginner sportsmen are recommended to buy a battle rope that is longer. The tool helps to create smooth waves. It’s ideal for a low-intensity workout.

man is working with battle ropes

Battle Rope Workouts for Beginners and Pros

We made up a list of excellent battle rope exercises for abs, upper body, and lower body.

V-Sit Single and Double-Swing with battle rope

1. V-Sit Single and Double Swing

It’s one of the most efficient core exercises with battle ropes. Sit on the mat with your legs extended and knees slightly bent. Hold one end of the gear in each hand. The arms are by each side of the torso. Incline your back backward and lift your feet off the ground. Now your body creates a desired V-shape position.

Squeeze your core and your lower back. Do the single swings alternating waves with your right and left hand. Keep breathing and move flawlessly. 30-second swinging is ideal.

Then switch to double swings. The starting position is the same. One end of the gear is in each hand. Now move your both arms simultaneously. Exercise for 30 seconds.

High Plank with Rope Swing

2. High Plank with Rope Swing

Top-notch exercise to tone your shoulders. Get to the push-up position. Lie on the mat with your face down. Place your arms shoulder-width apart. The legs are extended backward hip-width apart.

Start with the right side. The ropes are in front of you. Hold both ends of the rope in your right hand. Your left arm is a pivot point.

Slam the ropes onto the floor. Contract your core and back when performing. Repeat 6-10 times, 2 sets. Then switch arms. Get to the push-up position. Grip the ends of the rope with your left hands. Repeat the swings 6-10 times, 2 sets.

Jumping Jacks with battle ropes

3. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are beneficial for a range of muscle groups including abs, shoulders, and upper back. Hold one end of the rope in each hand. The legs are hip-width apart. One arm is at each of your sides.

Push off the ground with your feet to jump. Extend the legs with feet shoulder-width apart or more. Make sure you jump with your knees slightly bent. While performing, raise your arms above your head. The ropes shouldn’t hit each other through the exercise.

Jump again to place your feet together. Get your arms back by each side of the torso. Jump for 30 seconds or do 10 reps per set.

Single Arm Wave with Squat with battle ropes

4. Single-Arm Wave with Squat

Another ace exercise to hit your abs, shoulders, and quadriceps. Get into the squat position. Sit down with feet hip-width apart. The toes are pointing forward. The thighs are parallel to the floor.

Grab one side of the rope in each hand. Move one arm up at a time. Lift the left rope while the right one is down and vice versa. Keep the squat position while alternating wave motion. Make sure your knees are not moving forward with feet hip-width apart. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds.

woman is working with battle ropes at home

How to Set Up Battle Ropes at Home

You need an anchor point for battle ropes to use at your home gym. Consider a battle rope anchor kit to attach the equipment to the wall or ceiling. For instance, the Dimok Battle Rope Anchor Ceiling Mount offers two sets of screws to fix the ropes. The product provides support of up to 750 pounds, which is solid.

Alternatively, you may use kettlebells or sandbags to put on the exercise rope. Make sure the equipment is immobile and secure while performing. If you need the rope to be set at chest level, consider using pillars or trees to anchor the gear.

woman is holding white ropes

Let the Battle Begin

Battle ropes are perfect for full-body workouts, hands down. They require little space and are easy to maintain like resistance bands. It’s a budget-friendly option in comparison with exercising machines.

Most of the exercises can be done with such equipment. Here, we mentioned battle rope exercises for abs, shoulders, back, and legs. They are worth trying as the workouts activate a range of muscles with a minimum amount of time. Battle rope training won’t get you bored for sure!

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