How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be?

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A stand-up desk is an outstanding solution when it comes to boosting productivity and improving well-being. No matter where your working zone is placed – at home or at the office – it’s a real game-changer in a circle of ergonomic furniture. But the question is how to choose a proper desk and set the appropriate height to keep it comfy? Or simply… How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be?

In fact, a gazillion of researches shows us that constant sitting position is harmful to our back, neck, and hence overall health condition. However, prolonged standing while working also requires too much effort, so at the end of the day, we may feel extremely worn out. So what’s the way out?

That’s why let’s have a look at the nitty-gritty of a stand desk utilizing to take advantage of it to the fullest.

Standing Desk Height Chart

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How to Use a Standing Desk Properly?

Modern furniture brands produce adjustable standing desks that can be lifted and lowered at any time with a wide range of height positions. Thus, you’re able to balance sitting and standing for providing maximum comfort as well as avoiding stiff muscles. It’s recommended to stand for 1 hour after every 1-2 hours sitting session.

If you’re a rookie user of a stand-up desk, you may need some time to get used to it, and that’s ok. Try alternating between sitting and standing for shorter periods of time, let’s say every 40-60 minutes. Make sure neither lowering nor lifting bothers you.

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Standing Desk Ergonomics

When a standing desk is assembled, it’s time to adjust your working space by following these ergonomic guidelines:

  • Desk Height. Set the desk height so your arms are rested and the desk surface is at elbow height. There’s a standing desk height calculator, which may come in handy while determining the best desk position according to your height. Keep reading to check it out.
  • Monitor. The screen should be set at eye level, 20-28” from your face. To find out if the monitor is placed duly, you can check your neck position when you’re working at the desk. The required distance is about the one measured from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. Additionally, you shouldn’t crane your neck to the screen, it has to feel relaxed. 20 degrees monitor tilting is acceptable for better comfort.
  • Keyboard. It’s recommended to put a keyboard and a mouse at the same level and close to each other. To make sure the device is set properly, your elbows should stay rested at 90 degrees while operating with the keyboard. Some standing desk models come with a keyboard tray, so you’re able to pick whether to use it or not. If you’re a laptop user, place the gadget on the desk so its keyboard is at your elbow height.
  • Lightning. Think wisely when setting a stand-up desk at your working place. If you’re feeling a lack of natural light, consider adding artificial light. Set a desk lamp on the left side if you’re right-handed, and on the right side if you’re left-handed to avoid creating a shadow.
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Consider Investing in an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Apart from an adjustable sit-stand desk, you may want to get an anti-fatigue mat. And here is why. Originally, such a piece of accessory was designed for workers who were dealing with professions that required constant standing. But nowadays, it’s in the spotlight as an ace good for office workers too, as such a cover may encourage greater well-being.

In fact, an anti-fatigue mat can improve blood circulation by providing slight movements while standing on it. Researchers claim that employees who use the mat are feeling less tired than those who merely stand on the floor. The product helps to avoid lower back pain and the legs falling asleep, that we are commonly struggling from by the end of the day.

One more thing we’d like to mention is the design of an anti-fatigue mat. It requires a little space, it’s easy to set up and clean, it’s quite durable. Most of them are made with a non-slip base, so you don’t need to worry about safety while standing on it. Therefore, such a budget-friendly product may help you get through the day like a breeze.

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A Chair Matters

Even the uppermost stand-up desk won’t serve you well if your wobbly chair leaves much to be desired. Think over an ergonomic office recliner that is adjustable as a standing desk so you can fit the best position. We recommend looking for a chair with a backrest and armrests, which are easy to lift or lower. Additionally, a lumbar and neck cushions would be a great benefit for extra comfort.

As for ergonomics, while seated, make sure the knee angle is between 90-120 degrees. The same goes for a hip angle – 90-120 degrees. Besides, your feet should be parallel to the floor or placed on a mat or a footrest, if possible.

Alternatively, you may search for a brand-new seat, perfectly suitable for a sit-to-stand desk. One of the top-level representatives is a saddle stool. The product is grabbing headlines by its spacious design and high durability. Moreover, a saddle office chair is made to reduce pressure on your legs by enhancing the blood flow while sitting.

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Standing Desk Height Calculator

If you’re still hesitating which standing desk to purchase or how to set the proper height, use the height calculator. The following spreadsheet is made up for both sitting and standing desk height, so you can check your position at any level.

While using the height calculator, make sure you include your shoe height in order to get more accurate results. In addition, you can print out the chart and put it at hand to check it every time you switch the position. It may also stand you in good stead if more than one worker is using the same desk.

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Final Thoughts

An adjustable standing desk is grasped as a life-saver for those who experience sitting during an extended period of time day after day. However, you should be aware of ergonomic basics in order to reap the benefits of such a top-notch piece.

Setting the right height is vital for improving the overall state of health. Once you get used to the sit-to-stand desk and slay balancing between the levels, your productivity will balloon in no time!

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