5 Best Alternatives to Varidesk Pro Plus Standing Desk Converter

No doubt, Varidesk Pro Plus is an awesome product but there are also a few top-notch alternatives that are worth considering as well. Especially VIVO Electric Standing Desk Converter is an eye-catcher, what a great budget-friendly product with a durable classy design.

VIVO Electric Standing Desk Converter – Double-Level Workstation

  • It comes with a double-tier design for extra space.
  • Easy to adjust with a push of the button.
  • Extra accessory slot provided for convenient storage.
  • Electric height adjustment for quick operations.

Varidesk is a renowned furniture brand, and they’re most famous for their height adjustable desk converters. The Varidesk Pro Plus is one of such, and it was designed to serve those who need more space in their work surface, such as dual-monitor or laptop plus computer setups.

It looks fashionable, doesn’t need any assembly, and uses their patented spring-loaded lift to go from standing to sitting in under 4 seconds. With 11 positions to choose from — contrary to other desks, the lower deck is almost as big as the upper, giving you enough space for your keyboard and mouse.

Why Should You Consider Varidesk Alternatives?

Alright, the Varidesk Pro Plus is good, and there’s no denying that; however, it’s relatively expensive.

It’s not unjustifiable, but for some people, perhaps, it’s a bit too much. What if you just want a desk that you can easily raise and lower to sit or stand as much as you’d like? You’d do fine without the bells and whistles.

Look for the alternatives if you need:

  • A cheaper desk than Varidesk
  • A smaller desk than Varidesk
  • More workspace
  • Something more simple

You don’t have to break the bank to get something similar. In fact, you might get something even better Varidesk alternatives!

Top 5 Veridesk Alternatives

1. VIVO — Affordable Option With The Same Features 

VIVO’s desk provides an outstandingly similar experience to the Varidesk Pro Plus, but at a lower cost. You can adjust the height just as well, and there’s also the choice between the cheaper, gas-powered spring lift or the more expensive electric-powered lift — both are still cheaper than the Pro Plus.

The materials are high-grade, and the lock mechanisms are dependable. In addition, it can be lifted and locked pretty quickly, without breaking your concentration.

Specs and Performance

VIVO’s desk is available in two different versions, but they have shared features such as:

  • Removable keyboard deck
  • Monitor-mounting compatibility
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Low-profile black finish
  • No need for assembly

The versions are:

VIVO Standing Desk Converter (Electric Riser)

VIVO Standing Desk Converter (Electric)
  • Total desk weight: 60 lbs. (27.2 kg).
  • Upper deck dimensions: 35.25″ (W) x 23.25″ (D).
  • Lower deck dimensions: 35.5″ (W) x 11″ (D).

The desk is lifted with an electric motor; it just takes the press of a button to change the height between a minimum of 6″ to a maximum of 19″. There is a convenient USB port next to the height adjustment control.

The weight capacity of the desk is 33 lbs (15 kg).

Compared to its manual counterpart, this desk is more expensive (considerably so), somewhat bigger, and with a bit smaller weight capacity. It lacks the storage tray, but it has a horizontal slot for your phone and an adhesive cable clip to keep cords organized.

VIVO Standing Desk Converter (Manual Riser)

VIVO Standing Desk Converter (Manual)
  • Total desk weight: 52 lb. (23.6 kg).
  • Upper deck dimensions: 36″ (W) x 22″ (D).
  • Lower deck dimensions: 28″ (W) x 9″ (D).

This deck is lifted with a dual gas-powered spring system. To raise it, hold the desk, pull it to your desired level between 6.5″ and 16″, and then lock it.

The weight capacity of the deck is 37.5 lbs (17 kg).

Compared to its electric counterpart, this standing desk converter is cheaper, a tad smaller, and with a higher weight capacity. It has a convenient storage tray to store your phone or other personal accessories.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The Electric Riser is a decent alternative to Varidesk, as it performs almost the same. However, the real deal, in our opinion, is the Manual Riser.

It’s far cheaper than both, performs the same action, albeit manually, and it can hold even more weight than the Pro Plus!

Its downsides are the lift mechanism, which might be somewhat imposing for those with bad backs, and the slightly smaller workspace.

2. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro — Minimalistic & Fashionable Standing Desk

Stand Steady X Elite Pro

Stand Steady’s desk is minimalistic and fashionable; it’s not quite the same as the Varidesk, but it performs the same job and comes at a lower price. The main appeal of the product is the simplicity of its lifting mechanism and the streamlined shape for productivity.

Whereas other stand-up desk converters look somewhat out of place and come with intricate shapes, the X-Elite Pro offers a no-nonsense desk to work comfortably, regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting.

Specs and Performance

  • Total desk weight: 27 lbs. (12.2 kg).
  • Desk dimensions: 28″ (W) x 20″ (D).

The X-Elite Pro is designed to fit nearly all cubicles and desks, and so its footprint measures 24.5″ (W) x 16.8″ (D).

The weight capacity of the desk is 20 lbs (9 kg).

The desk is lifted with an innovative air pump system. To raise or lower it, hold the desk sides and bring it to your desired level. It doesn’t have fixed levels, so you can position it wherever you want.

Due to the way the lift works, the footprint of the product does not increase or decrease when you raise it, just the height. It doesn’t require assembly out of the box either, so you can use it straight away.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The X-Elite Pro is a budget alternative to the Varidesk Pro Plus. It performs more or less the same job without any flair.

It’s a cheap Varidesk alternative, and it was designed to be simple and stylish. Though it might come as somewhat lackluster in the technical department.

Its downsides are the low weight capacity and the smaller workspace.

3. FlexiSpot — High-Quality Desk Converter

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Converter 28

FlexiSpot’s desk offers a simple design with loads of functionality. We could regard it as a simpler Varidesk Pro Plus that does the same job without looking too “techy”. The desk converter’s main appeal is the spacious workspace and smaller footprint.

The stand-up desk converter looks relatively low-profile and blends in with its environment just right. It’s also significantly cheaper than the Pro Plus.

Specs and Performance

  • Total desk weight: 36.5 lbs. (16.5 kg).
  • Upper deck dimensions: 28″ (W) x 31.5″ (D).
  • Lower deck dimensions: 28″ (W) x 12.8″ (D).

The FlexiSpot Stand-Up Desk Converter is relatively light and compact, which means you can fit it on a broader selection of desks and cubicles.

The weight capacity of the desk is 35 lbs (15.8 kg).

The desk’s lift system is shaped like an “X” and provides smooth and even transitioning between sitting and standing through a gas-powered spring. There’s no need to offload it before changing position unless you’ve got several loose items on top.

The lift was designed to move straight up and down, so the footprint of the product does not increase when you raise it. The converter requires no assembly to use, but you can remove the keyboard deck if you don’t need it.

Our Honest Opinion

The FlexiSpot adjustable desk converter is a reliable alternative to the Varidesk Pro Plus. It does the same job with less flair but no less effectiveness, and it’s discreet enough to blend in your environment.

While cheaper than the Varidesk, it does not falter in the technical department. The desk has a smaller workspace but it’s still spacious in general terms, and it holds just as much weight!

The downside is the relatively short width of the top deck, which might not be suited for certain dual-monitor setups.

4. FEZIBO — Stylish & Spacious Standing Desk Converter

FEZIBO’s desk is the definite contender to the Varidesk Pro Plus. It’s not so “budget-friendly,” but it does come at a lower price point than the Pro Plus while doing the same with almost all the perks.

This adjustable standing desk converter can house your double-monitor setup, full keyboard and mouse, and even a tablet in its dedicated slot.

Specs and Performance

FEZIBO desk is available in two different versions, but they have shared features such as:

  • Removable keyboard deck
  • Monitor-mounting compatibility
  • Low-profile black finish
  • No need for assembly
  • Sturdy steel frame construction

The versions are:

FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Frame

FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Frame
  • Total frame weight: 57.32 lbs. (25.8 kg).
  • Height range: 28″ – 48″.
  • Compatible to desktop sizes: 44.1″ to 71.7″ (L), 23.7″ to 31.5″ (D).

The Fezibo frame is designed with an electric dual lift system that raises and lowers the product smoothly.

The weight capacity of the frame is 220 lbs (100 kg).

The product comes with a touch-screen display that is easy to program with a desire hight level for maximum comfort.  It’s made with heavy-duty steel that will last for long and can hold 2-3 monitors and extra gadgets with no probs. The solid material used avoids wobbling duly.

FEZIBO Sit to Stand up Desk Riser 36 (Electric)

FEZIBO Sit to Stand Up Desk Riser
  • Total desk weight: 47.4 lbs. (21.5 kg).
  • Upper deck dimensions: 36″ (W) x 22″ (D).
  • Lower deck dimensions: 26″ (W) x 9″ (D).

The Manual version is somewhat light, and the base is weighted, so you don’t need to mount it to your existing desk.

The weight capacity of the desk is 33 lbs (14.9 kg).

The desk’s lift is powered through a pneumatic cylinder to achieve a smoother transition of positions. It moves forward as it raises and therefore increases its footprint, but the weighted base is capable of keeping the workstation steady.

Compared to its electric counterpart, this desk has a wider top deck, holds a bit less weight, and has less depth; the keyboard tray is considerably shorter.

Our Professional Opinion

Both versions are equally good as the Varidesk Pro Alternative, as they perform the same job for a smaller cost. The choice between versions is hard, as it boils down to preferences and needs.

The manual version is cheaper and has spacious decks. On the other hand, the electric version has a wider keyboard tray, a deeper top deck, along with a USB port and straight up or down movement.

Its downsides are the relatively high cost of the electric version and footprint of the manual version.

5. Zinus — The Most Affordable Alternative to Varidesk

Zinus Smart Adjust Standing Desk

Zinus desk comes as the budget option that does one job, but it does it well; this is a barebones standing desk that was built to fit just about everywhere. The desk converter’s main appeal is its incredibly low price and reliable construction.

It’s compact, low-profile, and with sufficient space and weight capacity; it might not be enough for some, but its simplicity is its reason for being.

Specs and Performance

  •       Total desk weight: 31 lbs. (14 kg).
  •       Desk dimensions: 32″ (W) x 22″ (D).

The Smart Adjust Standing Desk was designed to fit next to all cubicles and desks, which is evidenced in its compact footprint.

The weight capacity of the desk is 35 lbs (15.8 kg).

To lift or lower the desk, squeeze the handles to the sides and find your desired height, then release to lock it into position. Contrary to similar, smaller stand-up desks, this one does not shake and is stable.

The lift raises or lowers straight up, so you don’t need to make space considerations.


The Smart Adjust Standing Desk is the budget-friendly alternative to the Varidesk Pro. You get the same effect, albeit with much less flair, but at a quarter of the price.

It doesn’t fall flat in the technical department thanks to its spacious workspace, and it holds just as much weight as the Pro Plus!

Its downside is the short height range and weight of the workstation.

Varidesk Alternative Standing Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide

Desk Converter Types

There are two types of standing desk converters: those that lift vertically and the ones that move forward while they raise.

  • “Vertical lift” desks typically hold more weight and are suited towards people who’re tight on space.
  • “Forward lift” desks are generally cheaper, manual, and appeal to people who aren’t as limited by space.

Mountable Desk Converters

Some standing desk converters aren’t heavy or secure enough to be used on top of an existing desk; they are meant to be mounted in your desk.

This is not the case for the reviewed products, as compatibility with existing workstations is important to us. To this end, the featured desks have weighted bases or counterbalancing lifts to ensure you can use them on top of your existing desk or table.

Dual-Monitor Standing Desk Converters

Some desks were specifically designed to suit dual-monitor setups. However, you need to take into account your own monitors sizes and weight.

First, consider your desk: a 28″ wide desk might be a bit restrictive in the setups you can use. However, if your monitors are too wide, they might not be suited for even a 36″ wide desk.

You can always angle your monitors and even have their screens hang somewhat out of the surface, but you should measure your monitors before making the final choice.

Writing and Drawing on a Standing Desk

Technically, you can write or draw on all of these desks, but a removable keyboard tray might make the experience better.

Some don’t mind the lower deck, however; you can use it to store your stationery and other accessories.

Standing versus Sitting

It’s not that standing is automatically superior to sitting; the purpose of these decks is to introduce a healthy balance of sitting and standing throughout your day which is healthier than limiting to one of the two. Standing for prolonged periods of time has its own share of problems, so don’t overdo it.


The Pro Plus by Varidesk is a solid Stand-Up desk converter, but it’s not the only one.

Each reviewed product serves a different purpose and appeals to different people; they’re also cheaper Varidesk alternatives!

Setting up the perfect home office takes money: monitors, keyboards, mouse, mousepad, and goodness knows how many accessories. Breaking the bank on a single product is seldom advisable.

Hopefully, one of the reviewed products appeals to your specific needs; and if not, at least you’ve got cheaper solutions that offer next to the same performance as the Varidesk Pro!

If you use some other alternative standing desk converter, please share your experience in the comments below.