Best Exercise Ball Review 2022

A proper exercise ball can be the only piece of equipment needed for the whole-body workout. After we tested 16 various products for 2 weeks, we concluded that the TheraBand Exercise Ball is a top-notch choice. Check out this superb budget-friendly option.

TheraBand Exercise Ball – Gear with Slow Deflate Technology

  • Great for improving posture and balance.
  • The ball is easy to clean and store.
  • It deflates slowly in case of leaking air.
  • Multiple size options are available.

Exercise balls – also called balance balls, stability balls, fitness balls – are not just big balls to sit on and have fun with. In fact, they provide a solid range of exercises for your body strength. It’s an essential part of every gym equipment. The piece is at the top of the agenda as it’s suitable for men and women of all ages and physical conditions.

There’s plenty of balance balls on the market of different colors and sizes. We narrowed down the list to the top 5 best exercise balls that are worth your consideration.

5 Best-Selling Exercise Balls Detailed Review

Here’s a detailed guide on 5 excellent exercise balls that are ideal for home, office, and gym.

1. TheraBand Exercise Ball – Gear with Slow Deflate Technology

TheraBand Exercise Ball

The TheraBand Pro Series Ball is grabbing the frontline for its great features and reasonable price point. The product is made of a rubber material that is non-slip and sturdy. It’s good for balance and posture workouts. Yoga and Pilates classes commonly use such equipment as well as home gym users. The Pro Series Ball is a great choice for beginners who are looking for budget-friendly options.

Exercise Ball Features

  • The exercise ball is made of rubber to grip your pose when working out.
  • The product fosters a range of motion and flexibility.
  • It can be used to stretch before the exercise or as whole-body equipment.
  • The ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adaptor.
  • The good is delivered deflated.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The TheraBand Pro Series is a fascinating balance and flexibility trainer. It helps to slay core, shoulder, back, and leg muscles. The gear comes with an exercise manual to add some variety to your workouts. The exercise ball has 3 size models to choose from, which is a plus.

2. Power Systems ProElite Stability Ball – Dimpled Fitness Ball

Power Systems ProElite Stability Ball

The Power Systems Ball is a tremendous pick for beginner and advanced users. This product is claimed the best exercise ball for its classy design and solid materials used. The chic black color will complement any home gym or office flawlessly. The gear is available in a range of sizes, which is a good perk. In addition, the ball has an anti-burst feature.

Exercise Ball Features

  • The Power System Ball is made of durable grade PVC material.
  • The good has a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs of body weight when inflated.
  • The anti-burst feature provides 1130 lbs resistance.
  • The balance ball deflates slowly in case of leaking air, even with the plug detached.
  • There are two size options: 55 cm for a 5’1″ – 5’7″ user and 65 cm for a 5’8″ – 6’1″ user.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The Power Systems Ball will enhance your core and muscle workouts like a pro. The gear could help to deal with flexibility and lower back pain. The good can be used as an exercise ball chair for weight lifting exercises. In addition, it’s made with durable anti-slip material for better grip.

3. URBNFit Exercise Ball – Versatile Stability Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball

The URBNFit Exercise Ball is an ace addition to your workout routine. It’s one of our favorites as it can be used by kids and adults. The anti-burst feature ensures durability – the good can withstand rough strength exercises. The fitness ball is suitable for a range of purposes: exercise ball, balance trainer, and a desk chair.

Exercise Ball Features

  • The URBNFit ball is made of PVC material for better durability and grip.
  • The good can carry a user up to 600 lbs weight.
  • The balance ball is anti-burst that withstands a weight capacity of up to 2000 lbs.
  • It’s a brilliant stability ball for yoga, pilates, home gym. You can also use it as an exercise ball chair.
  • The ball comes with an inflation pump and 2 plugs to inflate the gear quickly.

Our Honest Opinion

The URBNFit Exercise Ball can be a crucial part of your daily workout. It comes with an exercise guide that may be helpful for all users. Apart from the ball, there’s a hand pump and plugs for comfy use. Another perk is that the balance ball comes in different sizes (45 to 85 cm) and color models.

4. BalanceFrom Exercise Ball – Budget-Friendly Stability Ball

BalanceFrom Exercise Ball

The BalanceFrom is one of the best exercise balls for people of all ages. The biggest strength is its durability as the equipment is made of quality non-slip materials for an excellent grip. The ball provides a wide array of options. You can use it to exercise, prepare for the due date, or as a desk chair. Add some colors to your workouts with such an utmost good.

Exercise Ball Features

  • The balance ball is made with durable materials that are eco-friendly.
  • The anti-burst ball withstands a load of up to 2000 lbs during your workouts.
  • It’s easy to clean and store.
  • The exercise ball comes with a foot pump and a plug to inflate it fast.
  • The 2-year warranty included.

Our Verdict

The BalanceFrom Exercise Ball is perfect for core and balance exercises. It can deal with a 2000-lbs weight capacity to handle the hardest exercises. This exercise ball comes with an inflation pump, which is a plus. Besides, the seller provides different sizes and colors to please any customer. The ball is great as home gym equipment, office chair, and birthing ball.

5. RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball – Solid Exercise Set


The RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball is a real game-changer. It’s made with thick PVC material that provides solid stability and durability. The swiss ball will enhance your core exercises and improve your posture no matter what your level is. The good comes with two resistance bands and a stability ring that makes the kit quite versatile.

Exercise Ball Features

  • The exercise ball is made of PVC that is thick and non-slip.
  • You can use the good for your workouts at home, as an office chair, or a birthing ball.
  • The exercise set includes a yoga ball, two adjustable resistance bands with a carabiner, stability ring, foot pump, plug and stopper kit, user manual, and workout guide.
  • The product is burst-resistant that can withstand up to 2100 lbs of pressure.
  • The exercise ball is odor-free, which is a plus.

Our Reviewers’ Opinion

The RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball comes in one size – 26″ height and 18″ width. But there are 6 color models to pick from. The exercise ball has explosion-proof and non-slip features. It’s commonly used as a birthing ball or a ball chair at home and office. The resistance bands and a stability ring add more options to exercise.

colorful exercise balls are on racks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need an Exercise Ball?

Sometimes exercise ball workouts are not taken seriously. But the truth is that such equipment can be a paramount tool for strengthening your body. If you know how to use it properly, you can achieve great results at home with no need to hit the gym. Here’s a list of benefits of stability ball workouts.

  • Doing crunches on an exercise ball makes abs training more efficient.
  • It helps to fight belly fat.
  • Exercising on a balance ball may reduce back pain and spinal strain.
  • With muscle activation, lumbar mobility increases.
  • The exercises promote a neutral spine position and proper posture.
  • An exercise ball is a good balance and stability trainer.
  • It’s great to exercise core, back, and glutes.
  • Such equipment is used to stretch well.
  • It’s not only an exercise tool. Use it as a chair to sit on and relax.

An exercise ball can be versatile in use. It’s a great piece of gym equipment to exercise. You can also consider it as an office chair to fix your posture. Pregnant women use the gear as a birthing ball to get ready for a due date. Thus, it’s an excellent good for each part of your life.

office workers are sitting on stability balls

How to Choose the Right Size?

Most sellers provide measurements in centimeters. That’s why here are guidelines that may help you to pick the right size of an exercising ball.

  • 55-cm models are great for people 5′ – 5’5″ tall.
  • 65-cm models are great for people 5’6″ – 5’11” tall.
  • 75-cm models are great for people 6′ – 6’3″ tall.

The measurements are approximate, they could vary in different brands. Thus, it’s recommended to test the gear before using it. Sit on the exercise ball and look at your hips and knees. There should be a 90° angle when sitting with the feet on the ground. If you feel quite comfortable, you’re ready to go.

What to Look for in an Exercise Ball

At first glance, all exercise balls may seem the same. But they are not. Several aspects should be taken into account to pick the proper ball. These are the following.


Exercise balls can be made of different materials. But the common one is PVC that is eco-friendly and durable. It’s easy to clean and it provides solid gripping.

Check the surface of the equipment. The texture may have dimples or ridges that make the ball easy to hold. It provides extra grip that should be taken into account in case you need to roll it.


Most exercise balls are designed to be firm and durable. Thick materials make the gear burst-resistant that will live for long. Look for equipment that deflates slowly in case of air leaking. Check the weight capacity of the ball when choosing one. Make sure the size and workload are suitable. That will affect the product’s longevity as well.

woman is training core with stability ball


As we already mentioned, pick the proper sizing of the ball to feel comfortable on it. Most manufacturers provide sizing info so you could check which model fits your height. Some exercise balls are adjustable to sizes, which is a great plus.

Extra Features

Apart from the ball, you may check if the gear comes with extra accessories. These could be an inflation pump, plugs, stoppers, resistance bands, stability rings, and more. Such knick-knacks make exercise more pleasing. Having some of these extras is a good plus.

When choosing a ball, check if the seller provides a user manual and workout recommendations. The first will help you to inflate and deflate the gear properly. The second may diversify your training.

Exercise balls come with different pump types. Hand pumps, as well as foot pumps, are common. It’s up to you which way of pumping up is best. Mind that a hand pump requires much effort to use but it inflates faster. While a foot pump is easy to handle but it needs more time to get the work done.


Depending on the aspects outlined above, the price may range. Check your budget when considering an exercise ball. A regular cost is $25 per ball. Top exercise balls could go as high as $100.

woman doing exercise with her son at home

Best Exercise Balls Compared

A fitness ball is an incredible exercise booster. It helps to improve your core and gain muscles. Such a ball fosters flexibility and balance as well. What a life-saver when it comes to home or office gym.

We reviewed a wide range of products to find the best exercise ball. And here you go – the TheraBand Exercise Ball wins the gold medal. We love this gear for its stability, durability, and versatility. This ball can be used as a yoga ball, a birthing ball, or as a ball chair at the standing desk.