5 Best Balance Boards for a Standing Desk Review

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create — Jana Kingsford

Thus find a balance while working with the best balance board – the FEZIBO Wobble Balance Board, which is out of this world. After 2 weeks of testing 12 products, we concluded that this good has the most positive impact on the overall well-being.

FEZIBO Wobble Balance Board – Easy-to-Carry Rocker

  • It’s made with high-density latex, which is odorless.
  • The good is designed with massage points all over the board.
  • It’s non-slip at the bottom and grips well.
  • The board is easily portable when you balance sitting and standing.

If you suffer from constant standing while working, you might experience this horrible exhausted feeling at the end of the day. You can’t move, your back hurts, your neck is stiff. Sounds accurate? Here’s the solution – an ergonomic balance board for a standing desk. Such a piece of furniture reduces body tension and strengthens the core. That’s a brilliant exercise device to be used when standing for long.

So what is the best balance board for a standing desk? You can find the answer by checking the ultimate guideline below.

5 Best-Selling Balance Boards Detailed Review

Here’s a list of the top 5 balance boards for an adjustable standing desk reviewed:

1. FEZIBO Wobble Balance Board – Easy-to-Carry Rocker

FEZIBO Wobble Balance Board

The FEZIBO Wobble Board is grabbing the gold medal for a good reason. The product won’t get your legs to fall asleep by its fascinating ergonomic design. The board keeps the balance with its slight tilting angle. Apart from wobbling, you’re able to massage your feet placing them on the bump area. Additionally, you don’t need to worry if the platform rolls away as it has a non-slip layer.

Balance Board Features

  • The board is made of natural hardwood covered with high-density latex.
  • The rubber used is non-toxic and has no odor.
  • The platform is designed with an 8.5° tilting angle that encourages your body to exercise all the time.
  • The good comes with massage bumps to get your feet rested with your shoes off.
  • It features two holes to easily hang the board on a hook.
  • The bottom is non-skim and scratch-resistant, so you’re able to place the platform on any surface.
  • The weight capacity is 320 pounds, which is pretty decent.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The FEZIBO Wobble Board is a paramount product to release back pain and stretch your body. A great perk is that the good comes in two sizes: medium (20” x 12”) and large (25” x 12”). The board has a 320lbs weight capacity, which is a plus. It helps keep the balance and train your core muscles while you’re in the middle of something. Besides, there are three color options – black, gray, and blue – to match your standing desk converter perfectly.

2. Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board – Solid Agility Trainer

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

The Whirly Board is a favorite of hundreds of customers due to its ace features. The product has an unconventional skateboard design that helps to keep balance like a breeze. It’s a go-to board that can be involved differently: at home, at work, at a gym. The good is a perfect match for both beginners and experts who are into an active lifestyle. Low impact workouts encourage agility leading to the new level of exercising.

Balance Board Features

  • The board is made with cork and rubber materials, which are soft and sturdy.
  • It’s designed with a nub in the middle to keep you moving while standing on.
  • There is a safety bump on each side of the board at the bottom for comfy swinging.
  • There are no raised edges to provide a non-limited surface.
  • The good is suitable for balancing, working out, and spinning.
  • The weight limit is 400 pounds, which is impressive.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The Whirly Board is an awesome multitasking device that may come in handy while working or exercising. The product is loved for its extraordinary design and solid materials used. Due to its three-ball design, you’re able to use the board for various purposes. Such an incredible good will definitely keep you upbeat while standing at a sit-to-stand desk.

3. Pono Ola Balance Board – Four-Point Exercise Plank

Pono Ola Balance Board

The Pono Ola Balance Board is a top-notch productivity booster, hands down. With its simple but thorough design, the product improves your posture and core muscles while working. The board is easy to use, just step on and start wobbling! You can balance with your both feet on or exercise with each leg alternately lifting. The surface is plain and smooth, so you can rest barefoot or with your shoes on.

Balance Board Features

  • The board is made with solid wood, which is non-toxic and durable.
  • It’s designed with four balls set evenly at the corners, so the plank stays level while being used.
  • Such a design is multipurpose: yoga, stretching, working, or just staying on.
  • The device promotes posture correcting and strengthening your body while in use.
  • The flat surface is quite spacious and it’s easy to maintain.
  • The good doesn’t tilt and spin, which is a great option for beginners.
  • The weight capacity is 250 pounds, not the best result but still, durable.

Our Professional Opinion

The Pono Ola Board is a marvelous balance platform, designed for a standing desk. It keeps you active all the time by encouraging slight movements while standing on. Its uncommon design gives you an opportunity to utilize it while working and exercising. In addition, the wooden plane surface adds more stability and comfort, which is a plus. Moreover, the board comes in different color styles to fit any taste.

4. StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board – Eco-Friendly Rocker

StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

The StrongTek Wooden Board is a perfect choice for those who claim themselves as picky customers. That is because the plank is made with quality wooden material, which is non-toxic and odorless. Besides, there are floor protection pads to avoid slipping or scratching. This low-impact board can be used as a complementary to a stand desk or as a workout trainer.

Balance Board Features

  • The board is made with quality plywood, which is environmentally-friendly.
  • The good has a compact design – 17.5” x 13.5”.
  • It’s made with a slip-resistant surface at the top to keep you stable.
  • The bottom has anti-scratch and non-skim pads for better safety.
  • It also comes with floor protection pads to avoid bumps while wobbling.
  • The weight capacity of the platform is 350 pounds, which is great.


The StrongTek Balance Board may stand you in good stead while you’re continuously standing at your desk. In fact, it’s a solid trainer – it improves your strength, balance, and agility. The product is made of heavy-duty wood that can withstand up to 350 pounds. Additionally, the compact design is easy to carry and transport.

5. FluidStance Balance Board – 360-Degree Motion Plank

FluidStance Balance Board

The FluidStance Board is designed to boost your productivity and ease your constant standing at a desk. A great plus is that the product is fully recyclable being made with quality materials. The platform fosters your movements being able to swing and spin in all directions. Besides, we like its non-slip top covering, so you can use the good with your shoes on and off.

Balance Board Features

  • The board is molded from recycled plastic, which is a plus.
  • The top surface is made of recycled rubber for a better grip.
  • The middle point is made of formaldehyde-free sawdust, which is also recycled.
  • The product comes with rubber bumpers to avoid scratches on the floor.
  • The rocker is designed the way to provide 360-degree motion for free moves.
  • Such a board improves your posture and balance while standing at an adjustable desk.

Our Reviewers’ Opinion

The FluidStance Board is an amazing balance platform to balloon your efficiency in no time. It has a classy wide-deck design that will fit any home or office interior design. The good is made of ace recyclable materials, which is worth consideration. Apart from that, you’re able to choose between green, black, or blue color options to pick the perfect one.

woman is exercising on balance board

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Balance Board?

When you get a standing desk, you may be wondering what accessories are suitable for this furniture. And a balance board is one of the devices you should take a look at.

A solid balance board is designed to keep your posture properly, improve your balance skills, and agility. Moreover, it’s deemed as a good trainer. With constant swinging and tilting, you enhance blood circulation, warm up your body, and foster metabolism. Therefore, such a piece may be utilized not only at the office but also at home or at the gym.

Additionally, you may be interested in another five-rate accessory for a standing desk – an anti-fatigue mat. It requires less motion while standing, thus it’s a great option for beginner users.

What to Look For in a Balance Board?

Being new in the world of balance platforms, you may feel puzzled about how to choose the right good. That’s why we recommend paying attention to the following features:

  • Deck Size. Balance planks come in different sizes so you can choose the one that allows you to place your feet freely. This aspect is especially essential for people with a large foot size or who prefer a wide stand.
  • Materials. Pick wisely which product you’d like to purchase, whether or not it’s eco-friendly. Look for quality materials that are non-toxic and odorless.
  • Design. No doubt, we covet being surrounded by good-looking items only. Thus, choose a good with a pleasant style that will match your whole interior.

sketch with a standing desk and balance board

What Are the Main Types of Balance Boards?

As balance boards come in a wide array of designs, they can be divided into the following types:

  • Rocker boards. They have a semi-circle base in the middle. You should wiggle from side to side while standing.
  • Wobble boards. They come with a half-ball bump in the middle. They allow 360-degree rotation and tilting.
  • Spring boards. They have springs loaded between two platforms. They can be tilted in different directions to work out various muscles.
  • Roller boards. They come with a roller and a flat platform on it. You can swing left to right and do wheeling exercises.

How to Choose the Best Balance Board for Standing Desk?

With a huge range of products on the market, it could be challenging to find the very best one. That’s why we made up a list of crucial aspects you should take into account while choosing a brand-new board.

  • Size matters. If you need more space to get comfy, look for a wide-deck design.
  • Check the type of platform you’re about to purchase. It should fit your preferences and workout skills. Some balance boards are complicated to handle as they require advanced balance and agility skills. If you’re looking for a plank with less motion, find the appropriate model.
  • Of course, you may be seeking for a good matching your standing desk, and that makes sense. Investing in a product with a thoughtful design is a paramount priority. The board shouldn’t be distractive but you want it to please the eyes.
  • In terms of safety, it’s better to search for a platform with a non-slip and scratch-resistant bottom.
  • The top surface should also grip well. So you will be able to rest your feet with no shoes on.
  • Check the materials used for the balance board you want. Non-toxic and latex-free products are at the top of the agenda nowadays.
  • Think over your budget. Check the goods available for your price range. We’re pretty sure you’ll find decent options with both two- and three-digit price tags.

life and work balancing


Enhance your productivity while working with a 5-star balance board. It can be a tremendous addition to your adjustable sit-to-stand desk. And the first option you should add to your check-list is our winner – the FEZIBO Wobble Balance Board. The rocker has shown significant results in terms of posture fixing and tension reduction. Unlike its competitors, the product is also an amazing massage device, which is beneficial.

Prolonged standing is usually taken for granted by loads of workers. But the consequences could be painful. Thus, we shouldn’t neglect taking care of our health, no matter how old we are and what we do. That’s why investing in ergonomic furniture like a balance board may saturate your way of living immensely.

Image Source: trendhunter.com, shutterstock.com.