Best Budget Gaming Chair Reviewed

Bring your playtime to the next level with the CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair. This sporty thick-padded recliner ensures comfort during an all-day competition. 24 gaming chairs were tested for 2 weeks, and the CORSAIR chair grabs the gold medal.

Level up your gaming sessions with a racing-style gaming chair. Such features as lumbar support and memory foam seats make you comfy throughout your gaming experience. Modern chairs are designed the way you can use them for home or office. Such an item is an evergreen gift idea for gamers of all ages.

No matter what your budget is, we picked up the 5 best gaming chairs for a wide price range. Some of the options are gaming chairs under $200 and even $100. Here’s the list of top gaming chair deals that are friendly to even the toughest budget.

Best Gaming Chair Under $100

Furmax Leather Gaming Chair

1. Furmax Leather Gaming Chair – Great Home and Office Recliner

The Furmax Chair is an ace ergonomic gaming chair. The item features quality leather and mesh design that is quite breathable. This makes the product convenient to use during long gaming sessions. The chair’s backrest can move back and forth so you can relax after a tough day. The 360-degree swivel option provides a great range of movement.

Gaming Chair Features

  • The Furmax Chair is made with PU leather and mesh that is easy to clean.
  • It has a 2-inch backrest and a 3-inch padded bucket seat.
  • The chair’s seat height is adjustable with a pneumatic mechanism. The height goes from 15.2 inches to 18.3 inches.
  • The seat is attached to the 5-point base with the wheels that swivel for 360-degrees.
  • The height is easily controlled with a handle under the seat.
  • The max weight capacity is 280 pounds.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The Furmax Gaming Chair option for a gaming setup on a budget. The price tag is highly appealing. This makes the good one of the best cheap gaming chairs. The product can be used as an office-style chair as well. The item comes in three color accents – black, red, and grey. The leather rocker chair will stand you in good stead.

Best Gaming Chair Under $200

Neo Chair Marvel Avengers

2. Neo Chair Marvel Avengers – Comic-Styled Gaming Rocker

The Neo Chair offers tremendous gaming chairs for Marvel fans. The product comes in a range of hero designs that are out of this world. Apart from the chic look, the chair has other excellent features. They include a massage lumbar cushion and adjustable armrests. The adjustment options of the item allow you 180-degree reclining. Play, work and rest on a comfy memory foam gaming chair.

Gaming Chair Features

  • The Neo Chair is made with PU leather outside. The inside seat cushion is made with high-density foam.
  • The frame is made with 1.5mm thick coated steel to provide enough durability.
  • The adjustable armrests can be rotated, lowered, and lifted.
  • The chair comes with a massage lumbar pillow that is USB-friendly.
  • The backrest reclines up to 180 degrees so you can have a nap.
  • The max weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The Neo Chair is a marvelous option for those who are looking for a PC gaming chair under $200. The product stands out with its unconventional design and comfy sitting. The leather chair is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a 5-point base for fast movement around the room. The massage lumbar support is our favorite perk.

Best Gaming Chair Under $300

CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair

3. CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair – Best for Enhanced Cushion Support

The CORSAIR Chair is loved for its classy racing design. The product is highly adjustable. You can change the armrest position in any direction. The back is reclined up to 180 degrees. PU casters are fully rotatable. Besides, the chair comes with a neck pillow and back cushion, which is awesome.

Gaming Chair Features

  • The CORSAIR racing gaming chair is made with quality PU leather that is easy to clean.
  • The steel frame ensures stability and durability.
  • The armrests can be lowered and raised, shifted from the sides, and moved forward or backward.
  • There’s an 85mm movement range to adjust the seat height.
  • The angle of the backrest can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • The seat is attached to the 5-point base with nylon caster wheels.

Our Honest Opinion

The CORSAIR is a quality cheap gaming chair that provides solid comfort. The product features a great look and ergonomic design. The racing chair is one of the best budget gaming chairs. It comes with a neck pillow and back cushion, which is a great plus. The product is available with a range of color accents including red, blue, yellow, and white.

Best Gaming Chair Under $400

KLIM Esports Gaming Chair

4. KLIM Esports Gaming Chair – Rocker to Improve Your Posture

The KLIM Chair is one of the best cheap gaming chairs for its chic design. The brand offers super comfy gaming seats that can be used as desk chairs. The product is loved for its thick padding. The game and office chair comes with neck and back support for better comfort. Someone finds it extremely soothing. The ergonomic chair allows you to adjust the seat for a perfect gaming session.

Gaming Chair Features

  • The KLIM Gaming Chair is made with polished PU leather that is perfect for every-day use.
  • The product comes with a detachable headrest pillow and lumbar support. This will help to avoid neck pain and back pain.
  • The thick inner padding is made with high-density foam for a comfy prolonged sitting.
  • The backrest is almost fully reclined that is ideal for nap time.
  • The armrests are also adjustable: raise and lower, rotate, and slide the arms till you get the desired position.
  • The chair is suitable for a big and tall user. The acceptable height is 5′ to 6’6″. The weight capacity is up to 330 pounds.

Our Verdict

The KLIM Chair is a great rocker for fans of sporty PC gaming chairs. The product features a thick-padded design and improved cushion support. Any gamer will definitely spend hours on the chair with flying colors. The KLIM Chair comes in a range of color accents: black, blue, pink, and white. What a fascinating budget gaming chair to fit your playing room.

Best Gaming Chair Under $500

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

5. Razer Iskur Gaming-Chair – Extra-Thick Ergonomic Recliner

The Razer brand offers one of the best gaming solutions. And the Iskur Chair is not an exception. The product features extra lumbar support and full customization. The synthetic leather cover looks astonishing. The product comes with rotatable casters for easy maneuvering around the playroom.

Gaming Chair Features

  • The Razer Chair is made with multi-layered PVC synthetic leather to keep the good from wear and tear for long.
  • The seat is filled with high-density foam for comfortable sitting during long sessions.
  • The chair comes with a built-in lumbar cushion with a curve shape. It follows the spine line to keep your proper posture while playing.
  • The armrests are totally adjustable. You can change its height and angle.
  • The seat is attached to the 5-point base with solid wheels to move around the room.
  • The max weight capacity is up to 300 pounds.

Our Testers’ Opinion

The Razer Recliner is claimed as one of the best gaming and office chairs. The built-in lumbar pillow makes the gear highly ergonomic. Fully-rotatable armrests are a great benefit. The thick padded cushion makes the product extremely comfy for long sessions. The chair comes in two options: totally black and black with traditional green accents. Get a Razer headset and keyboard for the ideal gaming setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs?

The main categories of gaming chairs are the following:

  • PC gaming chairs,
  • Floor rockers,
  • Gaming recliners,
  • Racing seats,
  • and Bean bags.
red and black gaming chair

PC Gaming Chair

These are classy chairs with a sporty design. They look like a seat from the racing car. Such chairs are usually thick-padded with a high backrest. They are great options to spend longs hours on.

A gaming chair regularly includes a 5-star base with spinning wheels. The seat is thick and comfy. It comes with a backrest and armrests. Sometimes there’s a footrest as well. The seat height is commonly adjustable with a handle under the seat.

Some models come with a neck pillow or lumbar support, or both. That’s a tremendous perk to keep your posture fixed and avoid back pain.

Gaming chairs have a reclining option so you can tilt the backrest. Some of the products can be inclined up to 180 degrees so you can rest on the chair flawlessly.

boy is sitting on gaming rocker

Floor Rocker

Such chairs are usually made for enjoying console games. They come in a wide range of color and size options. Unlike standard gaming chairs, floor rockers don’t have a base with wheels. Their design is different for PC gaming chairs.

The floor rocker comes with an L-shaped seat that is placed on the floor. There’s no post under the seat. The product is named Rocker as the chair can rock back and forth. Some models can rock only. While others are adjustable in backrest angle and can be folded.

Another feature is that such rockers tend to have speakers integrated. They can be connected to a gaming system via Bluetooth.

Floor rockers have a compact design that saves space. You can fold and hide the seat when you don’t use it.

gaming recliner with red accents

Gaming Recliner

Apart from chairs, there are gaming recliners as well. These are bulky pieces of furniture. The recliner resembles rather a couch than a chair. It comes with four little legs under the seat. Such gaming recliners are extra soft and thick padded.

Most of the recliners are made with leather that is easy to clean. The neck support is built into the backrest. The back is usually adjustable. Some of the models have a footrest as well.

Apart from standard peculiarities, a gaming recliner may have extra features. They include built-in speakers, massage mode, vibration, side pockets, and a cup holder. There could be a remote control attached to adjust the recliner with a click of a button.

Gaming recliners usually have spacious seats that are great for tall and big users. The footrest and adjustable reclining allow you to stretch your legs. Keep in mind such furniture requires more space than a regular gaming chair. Plus, you can’t swivel on the couch.

girl is playing on racing seat

Racing Seat

Do you want to dive into the racing zone? Try a racing seat! That’s an advanced gaming solution to level up your gaming sessions. A gaming chair is just a piece of a racing simulator. The product includes a frame with a chair on it. You can mount racing accessories on the frame. They include a racing wheel, pedals, headset, and more. The accessories are sold separately.

Some of the models can have extra features like a footrest. The frame may come with a tray to keep your essentials at hand. The seat is close to the ones that are traditional gaming chairs. Racing seats can be pricey. Some models reach up to thousands of dollars.

couple playing games on bean bag

Bean Bag

Another budget option to play games on is a bean bag. It’s a large sack that is filled with foam. The upholstery is usually made of microfiber or suede. There are no back and armrests here.

The bean bag is easy to manage. Just hop on it and you’re done. The foam inner filling will do the rest of the work. Bean bags are popular in cafes and offices. You can have a nap on the bean bag as there’s no limit in your movements.

Alternatively, bags are not quite ergonomic. If you want to keep your posture fixed, it’s better to look for another option. Such chairs are friendly to your budget though. The greatest advantage of bean bags is that they provide plenty of space. Some of the models are so roomy so they can hold two people at once.

home office decor with gaming chair

Can I Use a Gaming Chair at the Office?

Yes, you can! It’s a common thing to have a sporty chair in your working zone. Whether you’re working at home or office, a gaming chair is a good deal to consider. They are convenient enough to keep you comfy throughout your working day.

Gaming chairs are ergonomic furniture. They are designed to keep your posture secured and healthy. We bet you don’t watch your arched back when working or playing for long. That’s why a quality chair is needed. You may find thick-padded backrests and seats quite comfy. Most gaming chairs are highly adjustable so you can set a perfect height to keep your back fixed. The same goes for the armrests.

Another perk in favor of gaming chairs, they have extra features that regular office chairs lack. A gaming chair may come with a footrest so you can stretch your legs. That’s definitely what you need during the break. Besides, some models have pockets and cup holders to keep your knick-knacks at hand.

The downside is that gaming chairs are usually more expensive than office chairs. Especially, quality gear for professional gamers. However, there are solid budget gaming chairs as well. Actually, we mentioned them in this article. So it’s possible to find a decent seat for any budget.

gaming chair near computer

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

When buying a gaming chair, keep in mind the following aspects. They will help you to find the best option for your needs. So here are the points to consider:

Ergonomic Design

Comfort comes first. And you will get it if you choose a solid gaming chair. Ergonomics is an essential part to consider. The piece of furniture should fit your posture well. It has to be optimized to keep you focused on gaming. Distraction due to the uncomfortable seat is annoying. And quite the opposite, comfy sitting affects your productivity. Thus, a proper chair has an impact on your gaming performance.

What to look for in an ergonomic chair? First, it has to be highly adjustable. So you can set the backrest angle, seat height, and armrest position. The more adjustable the chair is, the bigger chance to adjust it better to your personal needs.

Next, look for a cushioned chair. Most gaming recliners come with neck and back pillows. Or either. That’s a tremendous feature that helps to keep your healthy posture. It’s especially important for young gamers, whose skeletal structure is still developing. We don’t check our posture during the day. Thus, ergonomic furniture is a must.

A curved backrest is a good thing to have. It follows the spine line to keep our back in a natural position. This will avoid having discomfort.

Most gaming chairs come with memory foam padding. It helps to keep your sitting comfy. The high-density foam “remembers” your posture to keep it fixed.

gaming room with monitors and chair

Materials Used

A quality-built gaming chair is a must. Solid materials ensure the product will last you for long. You don’t want to invest in a product that will break down next week. Check the item’s description to find what it’s made of.

First, check the frame. It’s a crucial part of a chair that is a basis. Look for steel metal that is hardy. Metal frames can withstand solid weights. Wooden or plastic frames are not as durable as steel. Fortunately, most gaming chairs come with a steel frame.

The base is another aspect to consider. The seat is commonly attached to a 5-star base with spinning wheels. Aluminum bases are quite durable and solid. You may face nylon bases as well. They are less durable. As for the casters, look for wide wheels. They will ensure the hardiness of the base. Most chairs come with 2- or 3-inch wheels. The wheels should be rotatable for a better range of motion.

Speaking of upholstery, PU leather is the most popular option among budget gaming chairs. That’s a quality synthetic leather that is easy to clean and maintain. Another option is a microfiber that is breathable but sticky to debris.

Some users find synthetic leather hot to sit on. Especially in warm seasons. That depends on your preferences. You can look for a racing chair with mesh that provides better air ventilation. This option could make you less sweaty when playing.

If you crave a real leather chair, it may kill your budget. Such chairs are pricey, the price can go up to thousands of dollars. On the other hand, it will serve you for long, no doubt.


Different chairs come with various adjustable options. The more options you have, the more chances to set the desirable chair position.

Most gaming recliners are made with an adjustable backrest. So you can set the desired angle. Some of them can be inclined up to 180 degrees. Need a rest? Line up the chair and enjoy your nap time.

Armrests are important to optimize as well. PC gamers deal with a mouse and keyboard all the time. Their wrists must be supported to avoid pain at the end of the day. With a proper elbow and wrist position, your gaming performance will be boosted. As you’re not distracted by an uncomfortable posture.

Your arms must be bent at a 90-degree angle when the wrists are placed on the desk. Raise or lower the armrests to hit the desired height. Some armrests can also be rotatable and width adjustable. These are great features to have.

The seat height has to be adjusted to your body. Make sure your shoulders rest when you sit. And there’s no pressure on your elbows. Keep your feet flat on the floor. When sitting, your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle.

playing room with two monitors and chair

Weight and Height Recommendations

Check the product’s description for its max weight capacity. The item must fit in for your personal needs. The weight range is different in gaming chairs. Mostly, they carry up to 200-300 pounds. Gaming chairs for kids offer less weight capacity. Some heavy-duty products can withstand up to 500 pounds.

The same goes for the height. The seat height is usually adjustable. Check the height range of the chair to find if it fits you. Contact the manufacturer’s customer support, if you’re not sure.

Compatibility with Gaming Systems

If you’re looking for a floor rocker that is console-friendly, check its features first. Such rockers are usually compatible with most gaming systems. They tend to have USB ports to charge your controllers and other devices.

Another top-notch perk is built-in speakers. They are usually placed in the headrest and seat. So when you’re playing, all the sounds are close to you for the total immersion. Some racing chairs feature vibration, rocking, tilting, and shaking for a close-to-reality experience. These sound cool, right?

Look for a floor recliner that has an adjustable back and armrests. Such picks will provide more ergonomics while playing.


The quality of the product is linked to its price. A $100 and $800 chair are quite different pieces. Keep in mind that furniture with extra features is pricey. So if you want an outstanding gaming chair with a footrest, remote control, massage mode, and others – get ready to fork out for it.

A basic chair for home and office can be found under the $200 price range. They are solid enough to serve you for a couple of years. Clean your chair regularly and avoid stains, and you’ll prolong its longevity. Search for trusted brands that provide their customers with quality well-built gaming solutions.

gaming chair backrest close up

Best Budget Gaming Chair Compared

A decent gaming chair can be found for any budget. You don’t need to spend thousands to get a quality recliner. There are great budget options available on the market. We compiled a list of the best gaming chairs worth from $100 to $500. Start with the CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair that features excellent design and adjustability.

Gaming chairs are loved for their racing style and comfy seat. The thick-padded cushion provides convenient sitting for a long time. The ergonomic design ensures your posture is fixed while you’re entertained. There’s a myriad of gaming chair options suitable for any needs. They come in a range of colors, styles, weight and height recommendations. Look for an adjustable gaming chair to optimize it well.

Looking for other ergonomic chair ideas? Check out our product reviews on saddle stools and stability balls. They are suitable for both home and office use.