Best Standing Desk Converter Review

Standing desk converters are at the top of the agenda during the work-from-home era so we’re craving a top-class product. Whenever you want to buy a stand-up desk converter or just to read the reviews, this article contains a list of the top sit-stand desk converters along with the links to the store where you can purchase one.

In 2021 the customers’ fave is FEZIBO 34″ Height-Adjustable Standing Desk as a great alternative to the VariDesk Pro Plus (which is still the best standing desk converter in our opinion) but much cheaper while it keeps the great features.

FEZIBO Standing Desk – Extra Spacious Desktop Converter

  • Different comfort positions, allowing you to find that needed a healthy balance between sitting and standing up throughout the day.
  • The gas spring hovering system allows the desktop workstation to adjust smoothly.
  • The top surface measures 32.6″ W x 17.8″ D providing plenty of space.
  • Ergonomic design standing desk. The solid structure keeps your riser steady.

A stand-up desk converter is a small-to-medium sized table that is usually placed on top of another desk or piece of furniture. They allow the user to stand up and work instead of sitting down. Some models you can also use to adjust while lying down in bed. They are universally known as standing desk converter.

Today, people use convertible standing desks for many different purposes as a more affordable alternative to adjustable height standing desks. They have become a staple for home and employment computer activities. In some cases, they are more used than living room furniture that houses flat-screen televisions and other entertainment appliances.

List of the Best Standing Desk Converters in 2021

  • FEZIBO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk
  • VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk
  • VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk
  • FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk
  • Stand Steady FlexPro Hero Two Level Standing Desk
  • Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Desk
  • AirRise Pro Two-Tier Standing Desk Converter
  • Mount-It! Standing Desk
  • Stand Steady Standing Desk X-Elite Pro
  • Avantree Adjustable Laptop Standing Desk
Standing desk converter mouse pad

Many manufacturers currently produce standing desks where the height can be easily adjusted, even if the desk itself is filled with electronics and office supplies. Standing desk converter use has grown to become a popular product to conduct easier work in a stationary position; not only in residential settings but workplace environments that are away from the home.

Since sitting down can have negative effects on the body over time, standing desks have attracted a large following. Particularly for people who must work on a computer for long hours. Before such desks are considered for purchase, consumers should know how they can assist in improving their health after extended use.

What is Standing Desk Converter? 

Stand-up desk converter keyboard

Standing desk converter is a smaller desk attachment which makes your normal desk higher.

Some designs are flat, having one simple table tray, and no keyboard stand.

Others will have a separate area for the keyboard and mouse, which you can remove if the user chooses. To make adjustments simple, most brands have large switches for quick height alterations.

Standing desk converter ipad depot

Additionally, for smartphone and tablet owners, finding a model that houses a built-in docking station on the tray table could assist in situations that require mobile devices to be used as an illustration or communicative tool.

Many of the stand-up desk converters that are sold can accommodate two individual screens or a laptop/desktop monitor combination. Still, other list items may feature rear hookup compatibility of a flexible mount for a monitor.

For lowering strain on the eyes and relieving the spine, a sit-stand desk converter is an effective way to become healthier when all benefits are taken into account. So with this in mind, consumers should choose a desk converter that is highly rated and will last a long time without breaking. An adjustable computer stand should fit on the top of a normal desk easily with the bottom clear from the edges (to avoid it falling). Listed below are some of the best products available to facilitate stand up desk conversion.

10 Best Standing Desk Converters Reviewed

1. FEZIBO 34″ Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Solid Frame Converter

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • The top desk surface is extra-large, so you can set an extra monitor easily.
  • The gas spring system is used for smooth height adjustment with a handle.
  • The height settings of this stand up desk converter is impressive – it goes up to 19.3”
  • The base is quite sturdy and holds up to 28.6 lbs.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The FEZIBO Height Adjustable Desk is another product that ships preassembled and has a dual monitor setup. The layout is sophisticated enough where a traditional computer desk can be completely replaced with this as a standalone converter. So it works best when used on coffee tables, kitchen countertops, dinner tables, or simple office tables.

You can use the storage tray in front of the table as a docking station for smartphones. Or simply holding space for pens or pencils. There are dual gas springs on the sides which provide easy lift and decent. Even with heavy electronics, it performs well with little shaking or sliding. The product does not feature any part for mounting a monitor, so it’s better to separate the screen with a docking base and use it with the desk.

2. VIVO Standing Desk – Extra Spacious Desktop Converter

Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • The current desk is made with a solid steel frame that provides weight load up to 37.5 pounds.
  • The top desk surface has plenty of room that is quite enough for 2 large monitors, notebooks, mugs, papers and many others.
  • New gas spring technology helps adjust the desk height without ‘click-click’ noise changing sitting and standing positions.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The VIVO Standing Desk has several innovative features that make it stand out. There is extra storage space for better USB connectivity. Having a large working area for other similar items is also a good addition. As a result, a dual monitor setup can be put in place easily. Nevertheless, the plenty of room that is available gives the desk the same aesthetic as a normal workstation setup with the ability to fully standing.

For those using desktop computers, the rear area of the VIVO standing desk has mount capability for the monitor. You can remove the keyboard area from the bottom area altogether. Reducing the weight on the entire appliance when shifting its height or transporting to a different location.

After the analysis of the sales numbers and customer reviews, we conclude that Vivo produces, perhaps, one of the best standing desk converters on the market.

3. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Easy to Adjust Solid Desk

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • The height-adjustable standing desk has a 2 level design – an upper-tier for monitors or a laptop and a lower tier for a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Varidesk pro is made of high-quality products that guarantee a long term use of the adjustable standing desk.
  • The height range is impressive – you can choose the most comfortable position from 11 options.

Our Professional Opinion

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 was created for people who need an adjustable standing desk converter that can be used on double monitors. It has divided work surfaces for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The height can be adjusted to 11 settings. On its own, the desk converter is quite heavy, weighing 52.15 pounds. Regardless, setup is a simple task to perform.

This model also features a lifting technique that utilizes springs to change the position of the desk. Making it quick to raise up at the designated level of the user. Varidesk Pro Plus 36 can support up to 36 pounds of equipment. Speakers, office supplies, and other small miscellaneous items can be kept on the desk, along with the laptop itself.

4. FlexiSpot M3B – Space Saving Standing Desk Converter

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • Super wide 47” upper tray allows setting 2 screens with big monitor height and extras with no issues.
  • One-hand adjustment design provides a comfy position switching easily and fast.
  • Move the desk from sitting height to standing vertically with no extra space required.
  • If you don’t need a keyboard tray, remove it in a second saving more working space.

Our Honest Opinion

The FlexiSpot M3B Desk is wide, big enough to hold twin monitors or laptops simultaneously. The width measures 47 inches long. The keyboard tray does not tilt yet is a small inconvenience when considering the amount of space that is available on the table. For its value, this desk outperforms many. Especially for people who anticipate using the desk in professional settings such as in an office or boardroom.

Even without tilt, the keyboard tray is functional and well placed on the lower portion of the top table. As it is popular with most Z-lift desktop standing desks. When the user is standing upright, the burden of straining the neck is eliminated by having a vertical distance in the areas that link the keyboard to the monitor.

For laptops, the lower tray can be removed to reduce weight and clutter, although this will not be necessary in most cases since the combined weight capacity of the top is 35 pounds total.

5. Stand Steady FlexPro Hero – Two Level Standing Desk Converter

Stand Steady FlexPro Hero Two Level Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • Hydraulic pump system helps switch standing desk converters properly fixing the grip handles from both sides of the desk.
  • The scissor mechanism is used for sitting and standing positions to save the distance between you and your workplace.
  • The top tray can be raise and lower up to 20.5” so it should be comfy for people up to 6’3”.
  • It comes with a holder for a tablet or phone to keep everything organized.

Our Reviewers’ Opinion

The Stand Steady FlexPro Hero has a multiway workstation that can convert from a starting point of 6.5 to 16 inches maximum. There is a gas spring tool to help with a quick transition from sitting to standing. A holding tool will keep the desk locked in place.

On the front of the table, a storage area is embedded into the desk that is big enough to dock a tablet or smartphone. The sides have handles to make it easier to lift. It also doubles as a useful tool for transporting the device when you do not use it. Assembly is not difficult; you must fasten the keyboard to the desk when taking it out of the box.

The width of the table is 37 inches long. A dual monitor/laptop combination will fit on the top portion easily. The only drawback is with the design itself. The tray could be somewhat difficult to rise to the highest level.

Additionally, foam padding at the bottom will make the entire desk vibrate somewhat, particularly when typing. However, the Stand Steady FlexPro is a good accessory for building a solid sit-stand workstation that utilizes the standing desk converter.

6. Executive Office Solutions Portable Desk – Take-and-Go Converter

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • The lightweight frame is easy to adjust and take away with you.
  • It’s not just a sitting and standing desk, it could be a lying one too – choose your best angle for the most productive work.
  • It is greatly used as a laptop stand with a mouse tray attached and 2 cooling fans.
  • The mouse tray can be set from both sides of the sit-stand desk converter.

Our Editors’ Opinion

Executive Office Solutions has created a convertible standing desk with an aluminum tray table. And it is suitable to use in kitchens, bedrooms, and workstations. It has many raising adjustments, so if you prefer alternative uses, such as on a bed, the table will accommodate lower positions that are supported on soft surfaces.

Although there are no monitor ports or keyboard tray featured with the product, it reduces the weight of the desk exponentially. However, less weight can also make the table somewhat unsturdy, especially if a lightweight laptop will be used with the device.

The mouse area is also somewhat small, making the entire item fit better for work that does not require long hours of typing. Overall, this standing desk fits for heavier electronics that won’t be at risk of falling over.

7. AirRise Pro – Smooth Office Two-Tier Converter

AirRise Pro Two-Tier Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • Two-tier spacious design allows setting your working space properly.
  • Air cylinder technology provides silent adjustment of the height.
  • The standing desk converter is quite sturdy and holds up to 35 lbs.
  • Great cable organization – the desk comes with holes for them.

Our Testers’ Opinion

The Stand Up Desk Store’s AirRise Pro is a flexible sit-to-stand desk riser that has the ability to height adjust using air. The result is a converter that is both smooth to shift, making electronics and other appliances on the desk less prone to falling. The design also helps keep loose items from sliding around. In fact, the tabletop has enough space for desktop computer monitors or laptops to a maximum of up to 50 pounds.

8. Mount-It! Standing Desk – Good Choice for Stability

Mount-It! Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • It comes with an extra keyboard tray below and accessories one above.
  • Smooth height adjustment for a second up to 19.5”.
  • The height range is easy to adjust using a side handle.
  • The height-adjustable standing desk is designed with a large base for more stability.

Our Professional Opinion

The Mount-It! Standing Desk can lift to heights of 18 inches and features a monitor mount that is sold with the product. It’s an attribute that some of the best standing desk converters do not always possess. It can support most compact monitor sizes and has a tilt feature specifically targeted for laptops. It is small in size, however. If it will be used on desks that are about 24 inches in depth, the topper will protrude outwards. You can also lift and rotate the mount with an arm. Furthermore, the base houses a storage area for small cups and smartphones.

9. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro – Modern Design Converter

Stand Steady Standing Desk X Elite Pro

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • The stand desk converter is large enough to set an extra monitor or laptop as well as office staff.
  • Legs and base are made of steel to provide weight load up to 20 lbs.
  • The base includes gliding tracks to help switch from sit to full standing in seconds.
  • Air pump technology provides smooth no-click height adjustment.


One key benefit of the X-Elite Pro is the fact that no assembly is necessary when it arrives. It is ready to use out of the box. The positions are limitless on the device. And they are versatile for nearly any situation in which the desk will be used. The materials used to manufacture the product are durable yet medium quality. Regardless, it does have a surface area that is sleek and easy to shift. The level to make such adjustments is on the right side.

There are no monitor hookups for monitors or grips for laptops. You can use the keyboard at the same level as the computer or laptop screen. So if you prefer a larger area for typing, we recommend another standing desk topper with these features.

10. Avantree Adjustable Laptop Desk – Multifunctional Desk Converter

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converter Features

  • It’s designed as a laptop stand that fits for 17” devices.
  • The current desk can be used in many ways – sitting and standing desk for working, snack tray for resting, tablet stand for lying in bed.
  • It’s fully customizable because of adjustable height and angle – just pull and set lock buttons.
  • It comes with a non-slip laptop rest and hand pad for extra safety.

Our Reviewers’ Opinion

The Avantree Adjustable Desk is very sturdy if not one of the most reinforced convertible standing desks on the market. The desk has a nice modern design that will blend well with any piece of furniture. Using good quality materials, the company have made an all-around a desk for short or long hour work on a computer.

The base of this laptop desk stand is wide and will hold the most larger laptops. It can be tiled to a 30-degree angle and locked using a level that is on the bottom of the table. During this tilting, there is no worry about the laptop sliding off since a raised area in the front will prevent it from accidentally extending past the edge.

The legs are also adjustable, sitting to any surface with a large spread at the foot. When you don’t use the device, the legs completely fold, a good attribute for quick transport or storage. This desk has two different choices of color, a small but noticeable addition that is rare to find on many items in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Standing Desk Converter?

  • Standing desk converter helps to save your budget
    No doubt, price is an important criterion when considering buying a new product. Office renovation can be pricey, so you should allocate the budget wisely. Thanks to the height adjustment feature of desk converters you don’t need to purchase different furniture for different purposes. Because modern desk converters include flexible height settings to switch from sitting to standing in seconds. So it’s a great 2-in-1 solution, swap your workplace right away with no changing the desk and with a minimal budget.
  • Health care function 
    In fact, there are dozens of medical researches proving the disadvantages of constant sitting for long hours. As the lion’s share of our time we spend at the office, it’s extremely essential to check our well-being and avoid injuries at work.
    As it turns out, continuous sitting may increase the risk of serious health problems, like heart disease and diabetes; it slows down the digestion process and can lead to neck and back pain. That’s why more and more people are switching into adjustable standing desks. Scroll down to the next question to read more info on standing desk converter benefits.
  • Portability of the best standing desk converters is a great benefit 
    As it was mentioned, standing desk converters can be customized according to your needs and space requirements. That’s why it’s a great opportunity to use this furniture and create a workplace whenever you go. Most manufacturers design lightweight portable converters so you can set it at the office or even at home with no probs.
    Fully rotatable legs provide wide working position diversity – standing at the table, sitting on the sofa, lying in bed – all you need to get your work done. In addition, when adjusting the converter height, we recommend you to try adjusting the monitor height as well, as different body position requires a different angle of view.
  • Desktop space-saving 
    In fact, a stand-up desk converter is a smart solution to save your working place. As you don’t need to set extra furniture, just put it on your existing desk. Most converters are quite spacious to fit 2 or 3 monitors, and a laptop with a mouse pad on the side. Some of them come with holders for paper, mug, tablet, or phone.
    Lots of desk converters have an extra tray for a keyboard and a mouse to save more space on the upper tier, which is usually removable if you’d like to adjust the sitting height. So you can organize your place as you wish to keep all the stuff nearby.

man is stretching at the desk

What Are The Benefits of Standing Desk Converter?

In fact, many jobs require employees to sit for long periods of time. Having a position that demands sedentary work is shown in studies to lead to risky health problems, most notably cardiovascular disease. Although research on the topic is still ongoing, it is accepted that extended sitting can have detrimental effects on the body that is comparable to smoking. Many companies encourage that workers routinely stand during work intervals. However, taking breaks is not a simple undertaking for all employees. So standing desks can assist users who experience these conditions at their job.

The Impact of Using a Standing Desk Converter:

  • Standing desk converter lowers the pain in the back

People who are suffering from back issues have a hard time focusing if they endure excessive sitting. Back pain is common in nearly every office setting, no matter how long or short the duration of sitting may last. Shifting the body’s weight while in a chair can apply up to 10 times the amount of weight and pressure that is normally experienced on the spine. Simply from standing in places where they would usually be seated, back pain can be reduced by over 50%. Tension on the spine can be eased from even 30 minutes when using a standing desk converter.

  • Reduces neck discomfort 

While sitting down, the neck must bear much of the weight around the upper portion of the body. This can be particularly painful for those who have a habit of leaning towards the object of interest while they are in a chair. Not only is this bad posture, but can quickly develop into neck strain that requires medical treatment. In fact, when using a standing desk, the user will maintain a proper posture that balances weight around the upper spine, preventing and reducing tightness and stress in the neck.

  • Prevents headaches 

Coinciding with neck comfort, headaches are less likely to occur as a result. Intracranial hypotension, a condition when the cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the head is lower than normal. It is exasperating when the neck is placed in uncomfortable poses. Standing up quickly reduces this from happening.

  • Increases work output 

Productivity is important when completing assignments, whether they take place at the home or in a work environment. In one study, productivity was increased by over 45% when standing desks were used over a period of two months. Attentive behavior naturally leads to more creative ways to boost efficiency, thus avoiding long sitting postures while allowing workers to come up with even more innovative ways to perform better at their work.

  • Improves blood flow 

Good circulation has a plethora of health benefits. Paresthesia, a sensation that causes the arms, legs, and neck to tingle, is less prone to happen at work when sitting is avoided. It also helps heart rate and the flow of oxygen around the body since blood flow in the arteries stays normal.

What Types of Standing Desk Converters Are?

As the variety of standing desk converters is increasing nowadays, they are usually divided into 6 types:

  • Z Lift Standing Desk Converter.

Usually made of a solid Z-shaped base with handles or hooks from both sides of a desk. To change the position, just pull the lever and lock down a new height level. So you don’t need extra effort to switch the desk. When you lift up the converter, an arcing movement is done that pushes the monitor and keyboard shelf or tray to you, so the last one can be set at the same position or lower.

  • X Lift Standing Desk Converter.

The mechanism is similar to Z-shaped, but when switching the height, instead of arching, the tray moves vertically with no extra space needed. So the distance between you and your working place keeps the same. But you need a bit more force to lift up the converter as the base moves slowly when pushing the platform up.

  • Floating Standing Desk Converter.

It stands out for its concise design as there’s nothing but a monitor arm and a keyboard tray. The converter ‘hovers’ over your desk saving lots of space around. But you need a solid desk to withstand the load. This type is better to use at the sitting height position to avoid wobbling.

  • Post & Tray Standing Desk Converter.

This type comes with a vertical solid post and a tier on it for a keyboard and a mouse. It’s usually smaller than previous types mentioned so it’s a great option for space-saving. You can easily adjust the monitor height as well as a keyboard shelf, just moving the tray along the post.

  • Laptop Stand Converter.

This is the most basic stand up desk converter that is very easy to use and doesn’t need lots of space. It usually comes with no-slip feet and rotatable legs so you can set it on any surface. It’s designed as a single tray for a laptop and a mouse, and with cooling fans in it. As it’s small and foldable you can use it as a portable work station.

  • Electric Standing Desk Converter.

Some desk converters can be challenging to lift when the workplace is loaded. Especially big ones with several monitors and notebooks. But electric converters deal with this issue easily just with the push of a button. You can choose a standing height preset option and get back to it every time you stand and vice versa. Great modern choice but not for every budget.

A man is working at the best standing desk converter
Best Standing Desk Converter On Top of the Table

What Are Additional Supplies to Standing Desk Converters?

In fact, standing desk converters can help you fix your posture, improve your health, and make your work more efficient. And using extra ergonomic supplies can multiply the effect if they are chosen properly. Here are some additional products that fit converters perfectly and are worth your attention:

  • Monitor Mount System
AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

If you have trouble with putting two monitors together, a monitor arm is a great solution. It helps make your working space more adjustable and comfy as well as save more space. They’re usually made of sturdy materials to withstand one or two monitors and avoid annoying shaking. Set your monitor height and angle smoothly depending on your position. Additionally, the rotation capabilities are extremely high which is useful for collaboration work and screen sharing. The assembling is really fast as the mounting mechanism is easy to setup.

  • Standing Mat
Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

Another must-have item to purchase when switch to standing is an anti-fatigue mat. Standing at work for the first time can be challenging and unnatural, so this mat helps you get used to it with less stress. At the end of the working day, you may feel some discomfort in your neck, back, legs or feet. And a standing mat helps reduce that pain and prolong the time you stand in comfort.

  • Cable Management Kit
NoCry Cable Management Kit

For those who appreciate strict order in his workplace, cable management is an important thing to keep in mind. Most desk converters come with a spacious base and trays to feel free putting cables everywhere you want. But some of them include extra slots in a tray to put the wires through the desk not messing around the sit-stand workstation. But if it’s not enough, there are lots of kits that can help you put your cables together, like cable sleeves, raceways, adhesive clips, and many others.

Final Thoughts on the Standing Desk Converters

To sum up, it is ultimately up to the consumer on which is the best standing desk converter. There is no single perfect product available on the market for standing desks. Each individual brand offers strong key features that will suit one person over the next. The right choice can be judged by knowing the environment in which the desk will be mounted.

However, one of the products assessed will generate noticeable improvements on the user’s health and productivity if it is used frequently.

Standing desk converters are a simple means of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, whether it is by necessity at work or in the comforts of the home. According to our tests, FEZIBO 34″ Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is the best choice standing desk converter and a great alternative to award-winning Varidesk Pro Plus. But please make sure to make your own decision and choose the converting desk that fits your requirements.